January 2nd-5th (Tuesday – Friday)

Full Day 9am-4pm is $65 per day or $250 for the week and a Half-Day 9am-12pm or 1-4pm is $35 per day or $130 for Week. 

Themes by the Day

Tuesday: Game Creators and Players

We will start the week out by working collaboratively to create and play games.  Taking inspiration for our favorite themes, characters and other games.  Minecraft fans can create a block world and real-life video game.  Pretend to be from the world of Harry Potter and create a potions game. The possibilities are limitless with an array of materials and support from the instructor.

Wednesday: In the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to explore the senses, and conduct experiments with safe and edible materials.  We will conduct gooey, fizzing, colorful and delicious experiments. Not forgetting the importance of fruits and vegetables, campers will make artful dishes that are healthy and beautiful.

Thursday: Ocean Discovery

Diving in and learn about ocean life. Building a coral reef, drawing a life-sized whale and cleaning up an oil spill or only some of the activities for the day.  Campers will also create an ocean themed acrylic painting and exercise with ocean yoga.

Friday: Space Exploration

Rocketing out into space, campers will create and compare 3 types of rockets. Once in space we will fix a tear in our space gloves, build constellations, make moon craters and have a space race.  Campers will come back to earth for space themed yoga and watch the passing of time from our human sundials.

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